Step 3

Step 3


I hope you are doing well

I had a lot of chances to take , i did and  i will continue take most of what is available to serve a good change 

I was successful in getting people attention to whaat i am calling for 

i would like this letter to be an introduction to efforts that I made and taking stronger steps to build friendship , friendship that last 

the positive part of this letter i will get in touch with more people that are possible friends , I may find better encouragement 

more strength to ideas that i have already shared in my website , and i will add more ideas (more to help and share ) in the future

it will be different this time .

for exchange ideas helpful ideas , more opinions and ideas will make it more solid and more stronger and can be much helpful , more success

something we will be happy with and celebrate it

and I learn a lot from it , form my new coming friends , instead of cheos , distrust , uncertainty and ignorance

what do you think about having very strong journalism that praise transparency and discovering the facts 

what is the future of the united nations ( I made international order then i payed attentions to my challenges , new friends will be awesome rule here )

The future of democracy , freedom of speech [this is the best advantage in the west]

in my blog i opened a lot of doors 

it is nice to rediscover it with more friends are setting with me and few others on the same table (same common ground )

in next letter more and better ideas that will come up

more wider step and best of luck 

I am proud to be us citizen and have this nice falg in my home as symbol of my new home land ,I share a lot of with republican ,they are very nice people that you can deal with them with trust

I hope you like it and look forward to the next letter 

that would be my first letter to join a group of letters that i started earlier .

Build expecation

Section one 

Unfortunately this effort and me had a lot of issues last 3 years if i am going to open that , the positive part of my letter will be damaged 

While i had a lot of strong points (winning , in the last 3 years mine has stopped and theirs have grown.

As making things simple i want to make the door open only for this letter to build and to have more friends 

plz keep focused and don’t give the fog much of your attention ,see the results of effort of work 

it will be much better in the future 

Section one will be part of my letter and as best as i can I will focus to be positive 

but any chances to push back will be here in this section