Step 2 evaluating point

Step 2 evaluating point


evaluating ,where am i and not going lost , “where is the step I stand or I was fallen or still in the right way), plz notice that a lot of things changes happened and more knowledge has gained since this time .

group of changes made me convinced that bad people are not going anywhere and they are bad , it is not going to change ( at the time of writing this evaluating for my self )

Building the trust is very simple and the base of any type of relation 

you could have a friend rise you up and you could have a friend make you an enemy to everyone 

a message to share what i have acheived and look for more friends that are interested in building with me 

I have recorded with pride my experiment and challenge

and the progress ,development , how i corrected my mistakes 

How i kept stright and positive thinking

I have used the blessing that god has given me to make peace and do my best to be part of the change that we have 

I have written in my blog that the enemy has successfull in make me sink in my personl problems and i still there

I have supported that with the best i can 

I look forward to make this letter as positive as i hope 

I have faith that this message with all effort that has been made could be part of more fair and more peaceful world when we find the right people that wants to build with me 

I am going to have friends ,the one that will stay and last 

I looked into the bible , Alias and Alisha and how they survive

I would look to what is valuable and good blessing 

the blessing that will light the way 

GOd give you peace and prosperity