Step 4 Draft in Aug 2023

Step 4 Draft in Aug 2023

Draft in Aug 2023

Starting writing this draft for the 3rd time
time would be a friend of yours if you could have it ,you could be a winner
a liitle effort in the right time would make it and alot of effort in time that has gone , will be wasted

if you are in challenges and have enemies , time is very prcious spcially when you play with open cards

catching up after 2017
were there will be change , yes there is change , there is real change to better meaning or better understanding of what is fair gloabaley

My awesome blog has added a lot of ideas and reflection to my knowledge of what is happen in my community

Building Trust (in 2017) is very simple and the base of any type of relation

To grow
be surrounded with people who like you and wishing you good ,this will make you grow and realation will be stronger

you could have a friend that rise you up and you could have a friend that make you an enemy to everyone

starting study the edge from situations to persons to what characters could do that , to offer Solutions with no Gums
to grow
A tiny layer that feed what is related
As grow
Energy isnot in clearing the truth
what could come after knowing the truth ,act accordingly or we want to change that

As grown
Battling Your own principles , is to stay calm whatever happen
that you are able to answer divisive Question that may appear

to be ready to take your battles alone and depending on your self if this is the only thing you trust

As grow

putting your principles in the test
Adapting changes that you find
what are better values you found that well lead to better version of you and more internal peace and keep your ways to be who you are

Who you are and whao you would like to be
few mistakes is ok comparing to problems and concluded facts that show , solutions that will solve them

2017 years 5 years ago
my expirment and challenges , the progress , development , correcting my mistakes
How i kept stright and positive thinking
God Blessing
My personal problems (2017) couldnt ended
thanks and good apprecaition to who teach me alot to go over it

Faith with all effort that has been made is so good so far

Help in make people put more effort to build trust and be protected in same time
Good conscious , could make the community more connected and more supportive
some crimes will disappear from the community
it would give to fairness and love and caring more meaning

in 2017 or 2019 I am going to have friends the one that would last and stay
a blesing that really lighten the way
God has given us the spirit of success and not the spirit of failure
God bless you
that was in easter 2019

CHapter 2

Letter [Power of Sharing ]
effect that has been made to drive change

I have found a good chance in freedom of speech and healthy democratic invironment in USA to express my ideas and discover how this ideas is connected to the real world

what could happen if i did my best to call it and it become true and be part of the prospictive of tomorrow

At this time
starting form the top of my grown fruit of interacting political debate
thanks to the republican and waves of expressing my thoughts
and finding groups that are in common ground ,that drive that debate ,[at that time]

at that time the effor reached a good point

as in evaluating , when it is started was completely different and has been through a lot of challenges
That did affect the shape I want it to my effort
Several times I was going to stop
it just kept running .(when it come time they talk ask them??)


What I Stand For

Simplicty -Identity -Conservatism
Being proud of who you are
The tradition and value that you have
that you can express it freely and proudly , people if they like it ,they can have it ,adopting it to be aprt of their life too

Being able to be a problem solving

Being widley knowledgable once we needed in a few ,can be quickly call it , developed it ready to advance solutions to enagege with situations or challenges that you may face

Time to make friends and share what I have accomplished [at that time]and the progress of my efforts
I was looking to hear openions and improve it , I did it (just few friends )

you are going to find in my blog what i stand for , is our open door to know more about our openions.

I have started and developed , it helped a lot to have a better writing and more understanding to world conflects spcailly .

Fighing corruption and work riot in my effort in solving Riot during my work and fighting corruption (and then after that one step further fighting corruption)

Human rights (now it is 3rd year)

I learned a lot , i have been intocuh with several issues that helped me to develop solutions(some of them shared with organizations and others ideas are published here)

this was based what i gained , my experience
Base on coming from minority , being looking to be free with no fears
what i like for my self , if i can help others to have the same

[ not inheritage staff and what some groups have brought with them]
[Huge difference between some one used his money from his inheritage and support what he believe in and what this people who think in this way ,in is the inheritage staff that I had seen]
this website has a future and will grow.

Conservative citizen

is what I am now in my political opinions and i hope conservatism will grow , 50
My Book I made as it was my U turn in life when things become blessed

it is nice to have friends from all parts of the world

How we can make our thoughts connected to the real world and become reality , not only thoughts
How we can developer our abilities to solve problems
help others
share good things we have ,with no regret but celebrating that with people you love and who is really invited